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Why Online Marketing?

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Where to Start with Search Marketing:

It is no secret that Internet Marketing has changed the game for small business… really, every business!   Television commercials are aimed at the masses. Billboard ads are also meant for just about anyone within eyesight of that add.  Both charge accordingly (which is very broadly aka mucho dinero). 

Internet Marketing changed the game! 

  Instead of paying for a massive audience, your advertising dollars can go a lot further because they are focussed and tailored to the specific customers you serve.

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Search Marketing

Whether Paid or Organic these are text ads aimed at customers searching online.  They can be aimed at customers searching for your specific product or service by using the likely “keywords” or phrases that they would use.  These text ads can be further tailored to a specific geographic area, demographic audience, related interests and even time of day and day of the week.  Phenomenal, agreed, however, this has created a different set of challenges.  More on this a little later.  

Display Marketing

The best example is Google’s Display Network.

-According to Google, the Display Network reaches over 90% of global internet users expanding across 2 million sites!

These ads include images or videos that can be seen on over two million websites all over the world wide web.  These ads are very effective and there is endless possibilities for placement, delivery methods, and modifications.

Social Media

Other forms of Online Advertising include listing on specific platforms where customers may be found regularly.  These may be theme related or just common “hangouts.”  The idea is to have a presence where your customers are spending their time and attention.

Video Marketing

This is a great way to engage and broadcast a message or idea.  There are mind-boggling statistics that point to the importance of having great videos…  The basic idea is that millions of people spend insane amounts of time watching videos online, so naturally, this is becoming one of the best ways to advertise.

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  In such a competitive time, it is not easy to make your company prominent in the eyes of customers.  However, like everything else that is worth doing, it takes time and a considerable amount of effort.  A keyword and competition analysis is a great way to start and to get an idea of what you’re up against.  

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