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Website updates recommended for 2018

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An article by “Internet Live Stats” confirms that Google processes over “1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.”

As the year comes to a close and plans are assembled for the upcoming new year, tendencies are to focus on strategies and goals, but it is a good idea to make sure all updates have been made to websites to ensure optimal performance in 2018. Elixir Connect LLC came up with a short list of the top five to check off.

Founder of Elixir Connect LLC


    In October of 2017, Google announced that Chrome would begin to show “not secure” notifications to visitors when they visit noncompliant websites. The main reason for this is to ensure a secure connection for unsuspecting searchers. An SSL Certificate or “secure website” will encrypt the information shared between the visitor and the site’s web browser. Google encourages this so much that it has made it a ranking factor.

2. Relevant Content,

    Consumers have changed in the past few years. With so much competition today’s consumer tends to do at least some research before buying a product or service. Relevant Content is critical to provide customers with the information they need. Up-to-date information also creates trust, awareness and leads to more visits. Search Engines monitor this very carefully and incorporate this factor into their ranking algorithms. Make sure it is correct, relevant and original before publishing.

3. Voice Search,

    By now everyone is fully aware that most searches begin on a mobile device. One article by Search Engine Land explains that voice search is not only being used to find directions but quickly growing for a variety of other purposes. As personal assistant technology improves and evolves, it is increasingly relied upon, thanks to its convenience and “ease of use. “

4. Mobile Friendly,

    “The number of smartphones has surpassed the number of personal computers.” From an article on as most other topics on this short list, this one has been brewing for a few years. The truth is that if a website has not been checked or updated to verify “mobile friendly” capabilities; it is likely missing out on potential customers. The reason is that visitors might get frustrated by having to adjust the screen to read something or might click away because it took too long to load.

5. Speed wins,

    Not always but when it comes to loading time, this is crucial. Customers subconsciously or sometimes consciously expect a site to load in two seconds or less and will abandon a website if it has not loaded by 3-4 seconds. Again, losing customers to a faster or better-optimized competitor. It doesn’t stop there when repeat business and word of mouth is considered.

    Elixir Connect LLC strongly suggest taking care these items as soon as possible. Visit to learn more. Take advantage of the complimentary website analysis or call (619)554-8787.
Hope this information was valuable. Thanks for reading, best wishes for this coming year.

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