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The truth is that San Diego is a thriving multi-culture, unique market.  It is very competitive and diverse, that is exactly why we live here!  We are devoted to our client’s success because that is a measure of our effectiveness.  At Elixir Connect LLC, we want to help you with Brand Awareness, Videos, Social Media Presence, increase online traffic, and grow your bottom line.  We are ready to work together to take your business to another level.  If you are serious about getting more business in this new and evolving world, leave us your information, and we will contact you as soon as possible. Remember procrastination only helps your competition.

Search Engine Marketing

People search online for every product or service they need. Search Engine Marketing from Elixir Connect can be a very powerful marketing tool for your business. It will increase your visibility, brand awareness, and traffic to your site.

More importantly, it engages customers when they are looking for your products and services!

In an article from Discover Your Customers; they site that “According to Google’s research, 90% of internet users use search to find local businesses.”  Thay go on-

  • 74% of online users perform local searches(Kelsey Group)
  • 20% of all searches are related to location (Google)
  • 43% of search engine users are looking for a local business
  • 61% of local searches result in a purchase (TMP/comScore)
  • 82% of local searchers follow up with an offline contact such as a phone call, a visit to the store, or a purchase (TMP/comScore)

(all from that same article)

Which really isn’t news or new for that matter.  Google has revolutionized marketing and it is not likely to change anytime soon.

In fact here is a quote from  “Google’s innovations have utterly changed the way we do business.”

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