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Importance of SSL Certificate

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Importance of SSL Certificate for Website Safety

In past few years, there has been an increasing argument on the importance of SSL certificate for website safety. Majority of the website owners remains confused that whether their site needs an SSL certificate or not. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is an encoding technology that creates a safe connection between user’s web browser and web server. This certificate must be possessed by every website, mainly after Google prioritized secure https websites over non-secure HTTP websites in their search engine rankings. The reason behind this prioritization is that Google wants to encourage the secure transmission of information across the web. Nowadays, most of the organizations are paying attention towards the significance of SSL certificate that’s why we have decided to share its importance concerning website safety.

How does an SSL Certificate work?

Before going into the detail of SSL certificate’s importance for a website, let’s first discuss its working. Same like we utilize keys for locking and unlocking doors, an SSL certificate utilizes cores to authenticate and safeguard sensitive information. This certificate not just validates the status of a website, but also encrypts all confidential information to avoid the misuse of any passwords, credit card numbers or addresses. Web browsing, instant messaging, VoIP, and email sending all use Secure Socket Layer. A small green color padlock icon will be shown on the left side of a site URL if an SSL certificate is correctly established on the web server. Furthermore, https will also appear green.

How is an SSL Certificate Important for Website Safety?

Secure Website

An SSL certificate helps in securing data transfers, logins, credit card transactions, and other private information. It provides security to visitors so that they can stay on the website for a more extended period. Visitors will stay longer on your website when they see a green padlock icon in your site’s URL. They will be sure that their personal information is safe on this website. Website safety is especially vital for all those websites that are coping with sensitive information of visitors and customers. Gartner research study has revealed that 70% of individuals buying online have stopped their order due to the lack of trust on website safety. Moreover, 64% of those buyers have stated that they must have completed the transaction if there was an SSL certificate on that website. Trust is essential to online buyers, and without any trust seal or mark on a website, they will probably leave your site.

Additional Layer of security

SSL certificate adds a security layer to protect against all sorts of online threats. In this way, your users’ information will remain secure from the hackers. If your website is dealing with any sensitive information, they prefer having an SSL certificate otherwise your site reputation will be affected. Even if you are running a non-eCommerce webpage, there is still a risk. If your website uses a newsletter sign form or contact form, the information transferred from those forms will be at risk. So, you must have the proper installation of SSL certificate on your site to protect user information and data and to avoid security breaches.
Not just the credit card details are at risk, but other personal information like social media messaging and email addresses are also susceptible to online attacks. SSL encryption provides safe transfer of this personal information and blocks it from any unwanted hacks or 3rd party access. If your site requires the users to fill in any contact form or sign up for any memberships, then SSL certificate must be installed to protect this information.
An SSL certificate authenticates and verifies the website owner, averting that website from any phishing attacks, where 3rd party hackers often mimic a site for obtaining personal information. Users desire to have authentic information that’s why they prefer visiting a website that has SSL encryption as SSL certificate verifies information.

Final thoughts on website safety:

Now, every one of you must be well aware with the importance of SSL certificate for website safety. Learn more at LinkedIn-Secure Websites or FaceBook-SSL Certificate It is highly recommended to protect your website from all kinds of online threats to improve your website reputation and security. From the above discussion, we conclude that SSL certificate offers the best website safety. So, prefer having an SSL encryption on your website to keep your users’ information safe and secure.

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