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Elixir Connect LLC is all about results!

What sets us apart?


Clarity, Focus, Hard Work, and Determination.


We feel good when we promote quality products and services!  If we would not buy the products or services we promote- We would not be able to do our job to the best of our ability.  However, if we believe in our business partners and our values align; then we can unleash our efforts and devote all our resources to your company’s success!

Taking your brand to the next level.

Founder of Elixir Connect LLC

I’m Ernesto Blancarte

I started Elixir Connect LLC because I am passionate about helping great people provide excellent products/services. I know businessmen and women work very hard to get established and operate in their industry. Running a business is already competitive enough in San Diego. I believe most can benefit from having a partner in the Digital Marketing industry that can help navigate the complex ranking algorithms. Google and other search engines have algorithms that are ever evolving, and it takes dedicated professionals to get desired results. Like everything else in business, a business owner must always evaluate what is needed and what is not. The truth is, the only way to compete in today’s marketplace, one must consider the internet as a primary source of traffic and leads. The competition is already listed, let’s get your business in the hunt to achieve your goals and crush the competition.

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