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I highly recommend Ernesto for SEO! His agency at Elixir Connect offers great services and provides great results. Ernesto truly cares about helping good businesses thrive.
Nickey Pickorita
Ernesto is my first choice for digital marketing advice. His strategies have helped my websites tremendously, and I highly recommend his services to any business looking to grow with organic traffic.
Rohit Raut
Ernesto at is a digital marketer who gets it. Ernesto currently focuses on SEO for local businesses and is great at working with his clients to give their business a nice boost in visibility online through organic, long-term Search Engine Optimization.
Hanna Groves
Working with Ernesto was an absolute pleasure. He is truly an expert in SEO and is a master of understanding a client’s needs, recommending strategies, and executing. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to increase their online presence and growing their business in San Diego. Visit today!
Biljana Todic
Ernesto is a high level SEO expert in San Diego, I endorse his ability to rank any business on Google and strongly recommend his services.
Biljana Todic
Working with Ernesto was an absolute pleasure. He is truly an expert in SEO and is a master of understanding a client’s needs, recommending strategies, and executing. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to increase their online exposure and growing their business.
Matt Marino

Benefits of Elixir Connect SEO for San Diego Businesses In 2017-2018

Those who are looking to maximize their sales funnel and build a world-class business will know it is time to consider SEO. This is one of the finest marketing methods available to business owners in San Diego. Here are the benefits of San Diego search engine optimization for businesses in 2017-2018.

1) Local Leads 
For a business setup in San Diego, there is no value in targeting a person in New York. It doesn’t make sense! SEO is great because it lets you target keywords that are local to the region. For example, a business could target “best restaurant in San Diego” and know people who are searching for this keyword are going to see their restaurant pop up. As an added value, customers who are searching for products/services, want to find and purchase what they are looking for immediately. Local leads are compelling and convert quickly, which is something SEO delivers again and again.

2) Targeted Leads
There is nothing more important than targeting leads, SEO does this well. Each person that is coming through Google or Bing will be hot. The reason has to do with the potential customer taking time out of their schedule to head onto a search engine to type a keyword you’ve ranked for, this is critical and illustrates intent before anything has even happened. Which other marketing method is going to provide such commitment? Most will require a lot of selling on your part, which is never easy nor is it something you’ll want to pursue.

3) Fast Results
You can rank for many keywords, and that is going to push things towards a brighter conclusion. Sure, the competitive keywords take time, but the long-term value is unbeatable. You will start to see leads roll in 24hours a day/ seven days a week and that is where other marketing methods can’t compete. In 2017 and 2018, you will want to optimize your setup, and there is nothing better than SEO right now when it comes to speed. You will love the balance between affordance, quality, and speed. It is the perfect mix.

4) Legal and Penalty-Free Approach
It is always nice to go with a method that is legal and isn’t going to ruin the image of your business as time goes on. There are many marketing methods, which can put the business in a bad light and that is the last thing you require while building your enterprise. Look to go with Elixir Connect SEO and reap the rewards of this marketing method without having to worry about penalties and other issues. In fact, our SEO services also help enhance branding and reputation protection! Google and Bing will let you set things up as long as you are offering value to their users. Elixir Connect can do this for you.

5) Simple
Simplicity is the name of the game for San Diego business owners who are looking to take the next step with their marketing. You never want to go with something that will be complicated and is going to take up too much time out of your schedule. Instead of letting that happen, why not go with Elixir Connect SEO services and reap the rewards of what we offer? The benefits are great, and you are going to know it will stay simple as time goes on. You will get the hang how we do business, and that is when you will maximize your potential.

6) Massive Reach
The potential is incredible because more and more people pour in as time goes on. People are searching on Google at a rapid rate. Whether they are at home, on a computer, or walking around with their smartphone, you’ll know Google is a click away for them. You want to be the one that ranks well for your particular keywords.

7) Rapidly Growing
People are starting to appreciate what Google or Bing brings to their life, so they are starting to use it more and more. Before it was a one-off experience, but now it has become synonymous with research and finding out more about businesses. We believe that Google is not going away anytime soon, in fact, it will only grow, this might be one of the bigger benefits of search engine optimization for businesses in San Diego 2017-2018.

8) Builds Brand CredibilityIt is one thing to have a San Diego business and another to have one that is renowned for what it does, this is how you are going to grow as a business. The only way to do this is with SEO. Elixir Connect will work hard to make sure the target market is aware of your company which will be priceless as time goes on and your business grows in stature.

These are some of the benefits of San Diego search engine optimization for businesses in 2017 and 2018. Those who are looking to take the next step in their journey toward attaining their goals will know the beauty of this marketing method and the value it brings. It is time to dominate your market – if you don’t, your competition will!

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